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Investment Facilitation

In addition to aviation and business consulting services, INTech provides internal assistance to prospective investors in the Middle East and Africa.

Our expertise lies in bridging the gap between the goals of the investor and the development needs in the country of interest. Once we identify a viable business opportunity, we assist in reaching an agreement with the country’s ministry or agency for developing the opportunity for private investment under a suitable framework.

Based on our experience and local contacts we assist investors on understanding local laws and regulations, taxation, logistics and the general business environment. We then assist in developing the Business plan, facilitate in establishing the business and continue our support with market follow-up. We charge no fee for this service. Instead we take a sweat equity in the established Company. Our business model entails that we infuse no financial capital but rather we provide the long experience and the knowledge of the market instead.

Our local investment expertise and intellectual capital takes into account the inner workings of the Country, legislation, market information, business processes, local suppliers, and selection of local partner amongst other services.

Our office based in Kigali- Rwanda is the African investment arm of INTech. INTech Investments Africa LTD under the leadership of Ms. Hana Hallaj covers a wide range of investment projects spanning manufacturing, services, mining, and infrastructure projects.


Our investment facilitation services include but not limited to

  • Follow up with local authorities including ministries, local agencies, airports, banks…etc.
  • Identifying adequate land and facilities
  • Supplying market intelligence and information
  • Assistance in sourcing local suppliers of transportation to energy, construction to water to recruiting local people
  • Securing partnerships with local stakeholders
  • Identifying a local partner if needed
  • Seeking tax reduction
  • Assistance to sell to the local and export markets
  • Assistance in applications and tenders
  • Assistance in receiving preferential treatment