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Delivering Value to our Clients

At INTech International, we will expand your ability to dialogue efficiently and effectively at all levels of engagement with regional stakeholders. We advise our clients and partners on strategies and tactics to pursue and win business in the Middle East and Africa.

Through our dedication to customer satisfaction, we actively engage our clients to develop “above the funnel” country and regional strategies across the Middle East and Africa. Furthermore, we include but are not limited to providing market and budget intelligence for countries identified by our clients as well as providing geo-political assessment for all pursuits across all regions. We are proud to advocate for client products and services across our areas of influence while simultaneously providing a regular communication platform through which we coordinate all activity with our clients, their regional directors and in-country representative to guarantee effective communication.

We use ingenuity and innovative thinking to save our customers time and resources and in doing so ensure maximized sustainable outcomes by increasing efficiency and reducing risk. Drawing on the skills and talents of our team members and in-country experience across the region, we strive to deliver value and practical solutions on next-generation projects world-wide.

Local delivery, international know-how

At INTech, we are renowned as powerful partners in the region with a focus on versatile clients with a global vision. No matter how complex or large the project may seem, our world-wide knowledge and collaborative methodology will provide the services our clients need.

INTech's success and track record is based on our Chairman’s extensive career in international Relations, business, aerospace, defense and the aviation industry. INTech brings many years of experience in international business, aerospace, defense as well as the business aviation segment. INTech International Ltd has also developed key contacts throughout Africa, Middle East and Europe in diverse fields such as oil, gas, mining and advising on economic national growth in key African countries.

Our longstanding international partnerships and our in-depth understanding of your business goals and challenges make us your truly global yet truly local and trusted partner.


Our methodology of work is transparent and clear. We deliver standard high quality output and seek opportunities for continuous improvement. Our work ethics and values summarized by honesty, integrity and diligence are embedded into our corporate culture.

InTech’s win strategies are based on its ability to partner with key international organizations in the African, Middle Eastern and European markets. Utilizing our team's thorough knowledge and in-depth experience in targeted countries and industries, we have created a company with international recognition and prestige. We also partner with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), aviation solution providers, and multinational corporations to provide premium added value to our partners and clients. We take pride in our close partnerships with industries, markets, key economic and decision making leaders. Our services cover the range of sales and after-sales services, business development and advice, and training.