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Our services cover a full spectrum of aviation and business solutions. We have implemented diverse projects in the region in sectors such as government tenders, major development of airports, PPP mining projects, defense policy development, oil and gas setup support, industry and economic analysis among others.

Through our cross-functional teams and diverse service offerings, we deliver coherent and consolidated business development and advice to governments, private sector enterprises, airlines and investors, avoiding the need to follow-up on multiple advisory teams when implementing major projects.

Aviation Solutions

Our aviation consultancy services include:

  • Airline advisory services
  • Aerospace, defense and the aviation networks
  • Airplane and jet management
  • Airport planning and development
  • Business aviation
  • Sales and aftersales services
  • MRO services
  • Aviation training
  • Foundation Schools

More and more the aviation industry is attracting some of the most talented investors and leaders of the world. Our goal in INTech International is to supply these investors and leaders with practical, cost-effective and innovative solutions to achieve their ambitious goals in the aviation sector and prompt shareholder revenues. The constant growth of Middle East and African air traffic has made the region a demanding hub for more sophisticated aviation infrastructure, solutions and qualified personnel.

INTech is conscious of the challenges and changing demands of the aviation sector including enhancing cost-effective and safe traveling, developing aviation infrastructure and operations in emerging markets, fleet expansion and maintenance, developing airline policies and competitive price structures, raising finance for development, competing in the growing business aviation market, technology trends, increasing share-holder returns in light of fluctuating fuel prices and stagnant economic growth, and enabling penetration in developing markets.

Understanding the complete value-chain in the aviation field is crucial when performing a gap-analysis of our client needs. Our highly qualified team have comprehensive skills in the full array of regulatory, technical, economic, safety, management and training to bring forth the best solutions to our clients. INTech offers a set of bespoke consulting services, techniques and tools equipped for the changing demands of the airline business.


 Business Solutions

Our business consultancy services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Business plans
  • Market research
  • Market Intelligence reports
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Assistance to access to finance
  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Management advisory services
  • Program Management
  • Market penetration strategy
  • Business process optimization

INTech International provides professional business and international business solutions in the Middle East and African Region. With over 25 years’ hands-on experience and exposure in miscellaneous industries from complex products to retail goods, INTech is your partner to entering attractive markets and making a bigger impact in the world’s economy.

INTech delivers wide-ranging services, visionary advice, and subject matter expertise in business areas critical to the region. Our team of experts possess a passion for work in line with industry expertise and innovative analytical tools to guarantee concrete results in any aspect of business throughout its entire lifecycle, from research and exploration through implementation and development.

Our client base has been growing exponentially serving government at all levels, multinationals, large and medium corporations and NGOs. Unlike other business development agencies, INTech delivers studies, analysis, policies, and other project management solutions and secures the follow-up needed for implementation and sustainability.

More than ever, government and business enterprises need a trusted partner committed to delivering the best customized solutions for their inquiries and quickly translate decisions into action. At INTech, we promise high value of economic returns and sustainable partnership relationships.