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Zaki Ameer, Dream design do

As part of its Social Corporate responsibility, INTech Investments Limited organized a series of seminars on entrepreneurship in Rwanda and Uganda by bringing a notorious author and successful businessman “Zaki Ameer”* to Rwanda and Uganda to speak to youth on wealth management and the road to success.

The first seminar tool place on September 18th 2017 at Impact Hub Kigali center with the support of Junior Chamber International – A youth organization in Kigali. 150 participants learnt and benefitted from the seminar.

The second seminar took place at University of Kigali and succeeded in attracting 300 business students to attend the seminar and receive a free copy of Zaki’s book, Dream, Design, Do.

The seminars gave the opportunity for youth to ask their questions on real estate investment, entrepreneurship and opening their own business.

Members from YPO organization in Uganda also hosted Zaki Ameer on a 1 day round-table meeting to discuss the challenges on investment in Africa.

*Zaki Ameer is renowned for going from nothing to owning 15 properties in 3 years, and now helping others do the same thing without the unnecessary risks many investors take.